This is currently an e-mail only domain

The domain primarily exists for e-mail delivery. I registered this domain 25 years ago because I wanted a permanent e-mail address, and I’ve never really found a use for the domain other than that.

What you can do from here:

  • If you’re a vendor and your habit is to check out a prospect’s domain name before you reply to them, then all you’ve learned from this is that I’m a bit of a nerd. You probably wanted to go to instead.
  • If you’re a friend and you’re bored and just wanted to learn a bit more about me, then you can check for some things I’ve written. I write a lot, but rarely think to put things there so it’s mostly empty. Sorry. I run forums, and participate in more than I run, so my content tends to go there.
  • If you’re a Zeanah, and you’d like an e-mail address, then e-mail me. My first name is Derek, and my e-mail is my first name at my last name dot com. This isn’t free any more as I use Office 365 for e-mail delivery, but I’ll happily set you up for e-mail at my cost. Currently (11/2023) that’s $4 per month (Exchange Online Plan 1) plus an additional $1.75 for e-mail protection (AI-based anti-phishing, spam filtering, malicious URL protection, etc.)